OSEGS is a civil-society, non-profit organization that aims to foster understanding, share knowledge and connect communities in the sciences, culture, economics and governance, to facilitate the positive development of global society.

OSEGS is part of the Global Compact Program of the United Nations.


Creating interdisciplinary knowledge

OSEGS supports scientific investigation into questions where the environment, society and technology merge. We provide interdisciplinary technical resources for innovative research projects, together with a network of universities and research facilities.


Sharing transformative knowledge

OSEGS offers on-site and virtual education for students of all ages, providing an accessible and holistic vision of environmental, social and technological issues. We encourage creativity, personal growth and the desire to actively engage in the development of human society.

Global Society

Consolidating participative communities

OSEGS supports the consolidation of civil-society groups that contribute to progress on a global level. We bring together a worldwide network of civil, corporate and academic leaders and actors who are committed to creating a more connected and empowered global society.

OSEGS is working with local and international partners to focus efforts and resources on various projects.
We regret that we cannot accept external applications and proposals at this time.